The Kia EV6 comes to market as a distinctive crossover with a long range, zero emissions and top-of-the-line 800-volt ultra-fast charging. The EV6 model is the first Kia to use the company's extremely advanced and specialized platform designed specifically for fully electric vehicles (BEV = battery electric vehicle).

This ground-breaking crossover – the first electric vehicle to be launched under Kia's new design philosophy called “Unification of Opposites” – is a future-oriented electric vehicle characterized by cutting-edge details. It uses exclusively electric energy for propulsion, while there are several configurations of drive units with a long range and zero emissions to choose from. The state-of-the-art 800V charging system means the EV6 can be charged from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes. The GT version was designed to surprise customers with exciting driving performance - it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3,5 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 260 km/h.

The EV6 is the first electric vehicle designed and developed by Kia on the all-new Global Modular Electric Vehicle Platform (E-GMP). It forms the first part of Kia's transition into a new era of electrification under the brand's new slogan: "Movement that inspires".

The EV6 is also at the start of a mid- to long-term strategy for electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), which are expected to account for 2030 percent of Kia's total vehicle sales by 40, with the plan to sell 1,6 .920 million units of these ecological models. As part of this plan, Kia has set itself the goal of increasing sales of electric cars to 000 units in 2030 and becoming the world's leading seller. Kia plans to strengthen its range of electric cars by 2026 with 11 models of pure electric vehicles, the first of which is the EV6. Of these 11 models, seven will use the E-GMP architecture and four will be electric derivatives of existing models.

"The EV6 is the epitome of a new Kia vehicle. It was born to inspire on every road with a distinctive design, progressive construction, innovative technologies and exciting electric performance." said Ho Sung Song, president and CEO of Kia. "The EV6 also marks the beginning of Kia's long-term commitment to sustainable mobility, accelerating not only the transition to clean transportation, but also products, materials and manufacturing."

The EV6 will be manufactured in South Korea.

Specialized architecture means a dynamic electric car

A few years ago, Kia's design and engineering teams faced the challenge: to create an electric car that would have a top-notch emission-free range, ultra-fast charging, stylish shapes and a spacious, technically advanced cabin. That was the first part of the challenge. The second was to integrate all these essential features into a vehicle that would be strong, powerful and dynamic, dispelling the myths that electric cars are boring and mean the end of driving pleasure.

In March of this year, Kia presented the EV6 model, which received a great response worldwide. The latest generation of the super-modern electric car has a top range in real-world conditions with zero emissions, ultra-fast charging technology, a beautiful design and a convincing cabin with top technologies. When you get behind the wheel of the EV6, you'll find that it's a driver's car that combines power and performance with a dynamic and sporty ride.

Most electric cars come with compromises in one area or another – they may have limited range and long charging times, inadequate interior space, high weight or poor driving dynamics. When Kia began work on the EV6, the designers were determined to set a new bar and bring customers a vehicle that represents the total package in this respect – an electric car without compromise. With the EV6, Kia has proven that all drivers can drive long and far with an electric car and enjoy a sporty, fun and truly engaging drive.

EV6 - no performance compromises

Conceptualized by Kia's all-new, state-of-the-art Specialized Global Electric Vehicle Modular Platform (E-GMP), the EV6 brings the best characteristics and features of a pure electric car without compromise.

While many other electric cars on the market today struggle with the shortcomings of being developed using architectures originally designed for internal combustion engine (ICE) cars, the EV6 has been optimized from the ground up as a pure electric vehicle and takes advantage of sophisticated technological and construction basics of the E-GMP platform.

This makes the EV6 the epitome of excitement and efficiency, dynamic responses and fast charging, power and speed along with zero-emissions driving.

The EV6 has been developed to continue to deliver the sporty driving experience typical of Kia vehicles – direct steering responses, a very dynamic ride, precise, linear performance and road grip, the parameters of a vehicle that is a joy to drive. During the final stages of the EV6's development programme, a number of testing and optimization phases took place on public roads to ensure the team would successfully combine the various powertrain, ride and handling characteristics of the final product.

The specialized E-GMP platform ensures that the EV6 has optimal driving characteristics, partly thanks to a balanced weight distribution of 53:47 – the best value in the electric car category. The placement of a top flat battery in the floor of the vehicle, the distribution of mass and the optimization of driving characteristics contribute to this. As a pure electric vehicle, the EV6 also has a low center of gravity, so the driver will enjoy great performance, especially when driving spiritedly and dynamically.

Since the EV6 was developed from scratch from the very beginning, it also avoided other inherent disadvantages that are associated with the driving characteristics and handling of many current electric cars, including overly aggressive lean during acceleration and sharp reactions when pressing the gas pedal. The truly innovative hydraulic bushings that connect the rear subframe to the main body of the vehicle help to further improve the driving characteristics of the EV6 and compensate for the overall weight typical of pure electric vehicles.

Thanks to four advanced driving modes – Eco, Normal, Sport or Snow – that the driver can choose at the touch of a button, the EV6 will drive optimally in different environments and situations. Various functions such as torque steer, steering, ESC and energy-consuming systems are controlled by the vehicle's intelligent drive technology to always deliver the most suitable driving experience.

For EV6 models with AWD drive, there is a Disengagement System (DAS) that seamlessly switches between RWD and AWD modes at all times without the need for manual intervention. The rear wheels serve as the main drive and the front wheels are connected when needed. The system automatically adapts depending on the driving conditions and the driver's interventions.

In AWD mode, the DAS system is connected to ensure higher vehicle performance and stability while driving. Front-wheel drive engagement can be engaged or disengaged in 0,4 seconds using a clutch on the drive axle, which is controlled by an electric actuator. When switched to RWD mode, DAS technology ensures fuel savings, because the PE system of the front wheels does not offer resistance, and at the same time it is possible to drive more dynamically and sportily. The range can be extended by about 8% using this system.

The excellent driving characteristics of the EV6 are further accentuated by the top-quality shock absorber setup, which allows for a sporty ride with a level of comfort and refinement that cannot usually be expected from such dynamic vehicles.

The new technology uses the usual damper and suspension components, but also adds an additional piston to adjust the level of pressure acting on the ring assembly in the damper, allowing the rebound damping force to be regulated according to the input frequency. This enables dynamic regulation of the rebound damping force according to the input frequency acting on the shock absorber from road irregularities. This innovation ensures a stable and sporty ride at lower input frequencies and a smooth, comfortable ride at higher frequencies. This technology is especially useful when driving dynamically on winding roads and at the opposite end of the spectrum when driving over potholes and uncomfortable cobblestones.

The EV6 model uses a series-produced integrated drive axle (IDA) as a world first, which integrates the wheel bearing and the drive shaft into one part that transmits the power of the electric motor to the wheel. Thanks to the integration, there are no errors in the joints of the drive shaft and the bearing, while the driving characteristics and handling of the vehicle have been improved thanks to the increase in axle stiffness.

Lightning performance and dynamic driving

The EV6 GT version is equipped with two top electric motors with an output of 430 kW and takes electric performance to the next level. The EV6 GT is available exclusively as a long-range version with a battery capacity of 77,4 kWh. The EV6 GT has a maximum torque of 740 Nm, accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3,5 seconds and can reach an estimated top speed of 260 km/h. An additional electronic self-locking differential also contributes to the higher attractiveness of the EV6 GT model.

Performance-oriented sports driving can be enjoyed in the entire EV6 family.

The EV6 model range offers buyers several pure electric powertrain configurations with zero emissions, including high-voltage batteries in long-range (77,4 kWh) and standard-range (58,0 kWh) versions.

The model with a 2WD drive and a capacity of 77,4 kWh can travel up to 528 kilometers on a single charge according to the combined WLTP cycle. With a maximum torque of 605 Nm available in the AWD version, this EV6 variant can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5,2 seconds. A battery with a capacity of 77,4 kWh is paired with a 168 kW (229 hp) electric motor that drives the rear wheels. In the case of EV6 models with AWD drive, the two electric motors driving the front and rear axles produce a combined output of 239 kW (325 hp).

With a maximum torque of 605 Nm available in the AWD version, the 6 kWh EV58,0 model can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in an amazing 6,2 seconds. A battery with a capacity of 58,0 kWh is paired with a 125 kW electric motor that drives the rear wheels. In the case of AWD models, the two electric motors driving the front and rear axles produce a combined output of 173 kW (235 hp).

Journalist drives in Malaga

After careful tuning and development for an optimal driving experience in all environments, it's your turn to test drive the EV6 in and around Málaga. We've carefully selected five different routes to highlight a wide range of impressive driving characteristics and handling options.

Ultra-fast charging with a voltage of 800 V

The EV6 model offers 800 V and 400 V charging without the need for additional components or adapters. All versions of this vehicle can be charged at high speed from level 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes, or get an additional 100 km of range in less than four and a half minutes for the 2WD model with a battery capacity of 77,4 kWh.

The vehicle's charging system is more flexible compared to previous generation electric cars, thanks to the integrated charging control unit (ICCU). The ICCU unit brings a new V2L (vehicle to appliance) function, which, with the help of a simple adapter, makes it possible to draw up to 3,6 kW of power from the vehicle's battery, so that the external charging connector turns into an electrical outlet. The adapter plug will be country-specific and allow the EV6 to charge anything from external household appliances to other electric cars. Using the V2L function, for example, it is possible to watch a 55-inch TV and simultaneously use the air conditioner for more than 24 hours.

A practical charging connector located in the cabin under the rear seats allows passengers to charge devices from the vehicle's battery without the need for additional adapters.

In addition, the EV6 is designed to tow a trailer weighing up to 1 kg - in the case of the 600 kWh battery version in both RWD and AWD configurations. Customers who opt for a battery with a capacity of 77,4 kWh can tow a trailer weighing up to 58 kg with the EV6 model. Regardless of the version chosen, the EV750 is a strong and powerful electric vehicle designed for trips with the family with zero emissions. Utility mode allows you to continue using important systems even when the vehicle is turned off. In Utility mode, the high-voltage battery powers the air conditioning, lights and infotainment system without the risk of draining the 6-volt battery.

Complex infrastructure

The EV6 indicates a low charge level and uses the on-board navigation system to guide the driver to the nearest charging station based on dynamic points of interest and real-time availability

Kia Charge (from Digital Charging Solutions) allows EV6 owners to access and navigate around 205 charging points across Europe in the form of points of interest, including stations with AC and DC connectors. The Kia Charge app provides a link between charging station operators and Kia as a mobility service provider, managing subscriptions and payments for two levels of prepaid membership depending on usage levels.

 Energy recovery

The EV6 is equipped with energy recovery technologies that maximize range. These include the energy-efficient Kia heat pump of the latest generation, which uses waste heat from the vehicle's cooling system. This means that at a temperature of -7 degrees Celsius, the vehicle can achieve 80% of the range that would be possible at 25 degrees Celsius.

The vehicle also features the latest generation of Kia's Intelligent Regenerative Braking System, controlled by paddle shifters under the steering wheel, so drivers can quickly and easily slow down the vehicle and recover kinetic energy to maximize driving range and fuel economy. Drivers can choose from six levels of regenerative braking (none, 1 to 3, "i-PEDAL" or automatic mode) depending on the level of energy recovery required. The system's "i-PEDAL" driving mode allows the maximum amount of energy to be recovered during braking, while the driver can smoothly stop the vehicle without pressing the brake pedal.

New design direction

The EV6 model was designed according to the brand's new design philosophy called "The Unification of Opposites", which draws inspiration from the contrasts found in nature and in human society. The core of this design philosophy is a new visual identity evoking positive forces and natural energy with contrasting combinations of sharp design elements and expressive shapes.

Karim Habib, senior vice president and head of Kia's global design center, explains: "As Kia's first dedicated electric vehicle, the EV6 is a showcase of progressive human-centered design and electrified performance. We firmly believe that the EV6 is a captivating and significant model for the new era of electric cars. In developing the EV6, our aim was to create a distinctive and impressive design by combining sophisticated and high-end features with clean and rich lines, while delivering a dedicated electric car that will define our future.”

The EV6 GT version was designed to bring something different to the crossover class. It offers a distinctive and impressive exterior with technologically advanced features and an unprecedented level of performance from a Kia electric vehicle.

Kia's 'tiger face' at the front has been redesigned with the digital era in mind. Part of this "digital tiger face" are daytime running lights with an elegant and modern look, which include a "sequential" dynamic light pattern. Below them is the lower air intake opening, which visually widens the front part of the vehicle and emphasizes its technological image.

From the side profile, you can see the silhouette inspired by the crossover, which is modern, elegant and aerodynamic. In the lower part of the doors there is a characteristic line that curves upwards towards the rear wheel arches and visually lengthens the profile of the vehicle. Perfect aerodynamic performance radiates from the rear design. The rear pillar is slanted with an integrated black gloss surface that seems to extend the window panes. Above it is a prominent roof spoiler wing that directs the airflow downwards to the raised lower spoiler. It is located above the unique rear light assembly.

An inspiring space in the interior

The interior design is an undisputed result of the electric car era and benefits significantly from Kia's special E-GMP platform. Despite its compact exterior dimensions, the EV6 has a wheelbase of 2mm, so there's room in the cabin like many mid-size SUVs.

Jochen Paesen, Vice President of Interior Design, said: "People are first attracted to the exterior of the car, but eventually they fall in love with the interior - where they spend most of their time. That is why it was most important for us to design an inspiring space for the EV6 model. We believe that the EV6 will support the creativity of customers and inspire them."

One of the most striking elements is the high-end, uniform and rounded screen of the infotainment system. The simple shape of the wide-angle display and dashboard brings a sense of openness to the interior.

Up front, passengers are greeted by a slimmed-down dashboard with a minimalist architecture that accentuates the remarkable feeling of spaciousness in the cabin. With no need for a central transmission tunnel, the EV6's rear seat passengers enjoy 990mm of legroom and exceptional comfort thanks to the flat floor.

An innovative new heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system further supports front passenger comfort and interior space. By utilizing an HVAC system architecture that is split between the interior and exterior of the cabin, the size of the interior portion of the HVAC system has been reduced by 55%. Such an optimal arrangement contributes to a slimmer cockpit design and more space for front seat passengers, all while ensuring optimal cooling performance.

Special relaxation seats allow the driver and passenger to relax in maximum comfort and luxury after parking or while charging. At the push of a button, the seats are raised and folded back, which optimizes the position of the body and the distribution of pressure acting on the body. Passengers can stretch out, read a book or take a nap. The seats have a light and slim construction that further enhances the interior space in the EV6 model.

In the cabin of the EV6 model, first-class materials are used, inducing a pleasant feeling, while maximum durability was taken into account when choosing them. Sustainable materials have been used – from the vegan leather upholstery to the seat fabrics and the floor carpet made from recycled plastics, the amount of which is equivalent to 111 pint plastic bottles.

All major controls are within the driver's reach in the EV6 for an intuitive driving experience. The space-saving electronic gear selector is practically located next to the start button on the center console. On the elegant steering wheel we find built-in key switches for ADAS systems, which makes their use as easy as possible. Touch control switches for steering wheel heating and seat ventilation and heating are also within easy reach and positioned for optimum user comfort.

The intelligently and flexibly arranged interior of the EV6 offers plenty of storage space in the cabin, including a luggage compartment of up to 520 liters (VDA) with the second row seats upright. After folding down the seats in the second row, the luggage space increases to approximately 1 liters. The vehicle also features a front luggage compartment with an additional volume of 300 liters for 52WD models and 2 liters for AWD models.

Soundproofing materials in the floor, wheel arches, cabin doors, tailgate and tires reduce road noise and aerodynamic noise, so all passengers enjoy a quiet and peaceful space. The acoustic windscreen and door glass further enhance the on-board experience, putting the EV6 on par with higher class premium models in terms of acoustic properties.

The most modern technologies

The EV6 model brings a package of technologies that improve safety, connectivity and the infotainment system. They are designed to make driving safer, easier and less stressful.

The high-end infotainment system uses two rounded wide-angle screens with a diagonal of 12,3" and high resolution. Thin film panels use new structures and advanced technologies to limit the reflection of incident light. The dashboard and the infotainment system are connected as if they were made of one piece with reinforced glass. Directly in front of the driver is a customizable "dash screen" that displays various information such as speed, remaining range and charge status. Next to it is a central screen with navigation, infotainment and menu functions. This pair of frameless screens is equipped with an anti-reflective coating and an "auto-brightness" function that makes it easier to see in all lighting conditions.

Advanced on-board technology seamlessly connects the driver and the EV6 through an advanced head-up display (HUD) system with augmented reality technology, a system normally reserved for premium brands. Seamless communication between GPS, on-board camera and HUD means that detailed navigation instructions are projected 7,5 meters ahead of the car on the road ahead, so the driver can constantly look ahead. The display of the augmented reality system and two screens display all the necessary information for the driver to enjoy a pleasant and inspiring drive without having to look elsewhere.

As a novelty for the Kia electric car, the powerful Meridian audio system is also available® with surround sound and 14 speakers that plays truly immersive sound. Developed by experts at Meridian, this 14-speaker audio system uses several proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technologies from the British audio pioneer. Meridian's core sound philosophy has been instilled in the EV6 so customers can enjoy natural, vivid and authentic sound on the go.

The speaker system also offers the new Active Sound Design (ASD) technology developed by Kia. It provides the driver with audio feedback based on the vehicle's speed, which is controlled via a user interface.

Top systems to ensure safety and comfort

To ensure safety and comfort on the highway, the EV6 comes with the latest Highway Driving Assistant with Lane Change Assist (HDA 2). The system uses radars located around the perimeter of the vehicle and helps the driver maintain a set speed and distance from the vehicle in front. Lane Keeping Assist (LFA) technology centers the vehicle within the relevant lane. Through Intelligent Cruise Control using Navigation with Cornering Control (NSCC-C), the system can reduce the vehicle's speed when cornering and restore it to its original speed if conditions allow.

If another vehicle is driving in close proximity, the HDA 2 system adjusts the EV6's path to avoid any risk of collision. Changing lanes is also easier than before. When the driver controls the steering wheel with his hands and depresses the turn signal lever after exceeding a certain speed, the vehicle will automatically move to the appropriate lane.

The EV6 is equipped with Blind Spot Monitoring (BVM) and Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist (BCA) to ensure safe lane changes. The BVM system acts as a second pair of eyes as it eliminates left and right blind spots and displays a high-definition image on the fully digital 12,3-inch instrument panel. The BCA system uses radar sensors to warn the driver of approaching vehicles, and if there is a risk of a collision during lane changing maneuvers, the system activates the brakes.

Driving safely through intersections, especially those with multiple lanes, can often be a stressful experience for many drivers. Kia's Forward Collision Avoidance Assistant (FCA) now includes Intersection Turning and Intersection Crossing functions to ensure maximum preventive safety when crossing intersections. If the turn signal is activated and there is a risk of a collision with an oncoming vehicle, the system warns the driver. In a similar way, the system issues a warning if there is a risk when vehicles are approaching from the left or right and the driver is going straight through the intersection. If the risk increases further in any of these cases, the system warns the driver and automatically applies the brakes to avoid a collision.

The key to safe driving in a vehicle is the ability to see and be seen. To provide the best possible level of illumination, the Kia EV6 is equipped with a new Intelligent Front Lighting System (IFS), i.e. technology that allows each LED to light independently, ensuring precise lighting. The IFS system allows you to drive with high beams without the risk of dazzling oncoming vehicles. The front camera with vehicle recognition technology automatically dims or brightens the individual LEDs, improving the driver's forward vision while preventing glare from oncoming vehicles in real time.

The Driver Attention Monitoring System (DAW) and the Intelligent Speed ​​Limiter (ISLA) are added to the ADAS systems and increase the safety of the driver while driving. The DAW system analyzes driving style and time spent on the road to determine the driver's level of alertness. When it drops below 1 on a 5-point scale, the system recommends a break and a warning message appears on the dashboard. The ISLA system "reads" traffic signs and information from the navigation system to inform the driver of the current speed limit and other key driving information. When activated, the ISLA system notifies the driver of changing conditions using visual and audible warning signals.

Easy to maneuver

Parking and other potentially difficult maneuvers are facilitated by the Vehicle Surroundings Monitoring (SVM) system. The cameras create a 360-degree view of the vehicle's surroundings, while the image is practically displayed on the screen of the infotainment system.

Rear Crossing Collision Avoidance Assist (RCCA) also makes reversing out of a tight spot safer. This state-of-the-art system detects oncoming vehicles approaching you from either side when backing up. If it detects the possibility of a collision, it automatically brakes the vehicle.

In the case of tight parking spaces, drivers can use the Remote Intelligent Parking Assistant (RSPA) system and avoid parking problems altogether. RSPA is a system that allows the vehicle to park independently and autonomously, regardless of whether the driver is in the vehicle or not. Using surround-view cameras and ultrasonic sensors, the EV6 can identify an appropriately sized parking space and automatically enter the space using automatic accelerator and brake pedal control and gear shifting. In addition, the RSPA system can park the vehicle in both vertical and longitudinal parking spaces.

If, after parking, the rear seat passengers open the door to get out, and the Safe Exit Assistant (SEA) detects a vehicle approaching from behind in the blind spot, it will automatically issue a warning and lock the door, helping to reduce the risk of a collision and increase safety at the destination.

The comfort of using the EV6 is further enhanced by the intelligent electrically operated tailgate. If you approach the rear of the vehicle with the smart key in your pocket, the system will recognize the key and automatically open the tailgate for easy and convenient access to the trunk, which is sure to be welcomed by passengers with their hands full. With a keyless entry system with touch button entry and programmable driver profiles, every drive in the EV6 will be practical and intuitive.

Every aspect of the EV6 has been designed to enhance driver comfort and make electric car ownership accessible to everyone. Thanks to Kia's seven-year warranty and excellent market position, the EV6 will fundamentally change the way electric cars are viewed.

EV6 – just the beginning of the journey

Kia has set itself the goal of increasing sales of electric cars to 920 units in 000 and becoming the world's leading seller of sustainable electric mobility products. Kia plans to strengthen its line of electric cars by 2030 models by 2026, the first of which is the EV11. Of these 6 models, seven will use the E-GMP architecture and four will be electric derivatives of existing models.

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